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Skills School Program Update 2019

After five years in operation, the staff and Board of Directors have been carefully reviewing the direction of the Skills School to ensure it clearly fits within our mission (“to empower people to care for the earth and each other”) and that it is financially stable.

The decision has been made to redesign the Skills School. Eagle Bluff will still be offering adult education in 2019 and beyond but will be taking a different direction. Over the next two years, we will transition the program around our physical (land, adventure, nature) and human resources. We will continue with some core class offerings, while piloting new offerings targeting a range of adult audiences.

As a consequence of the program redesign, we will be dropping many of the classes that were presented through the Skills School previously. This is not a reflection of the value of the classes, or the instructors, but a need to reconfigure the adult program so that it is sustainable financially and closer to Eagle Bluff’s core mission. We will be holding the currently scheduled classes through January of 2019.

Those classes that you are used to seeing offered through the Skills School may still be offered through other venues, so be sure to keep an eye out for them from surrounding continuing educational venues.

We hope even with the changes, we will still have the pleasure of seeing you on campus. Whether at our adult educational offerings, fundraising events, or for a visit! It has been a joy getting to meet, talk, and learn from you and I greatly appreciate the support you’ve provided. I hope to see you again. Thank you.

Kindest regards,

Jennie Dieterman   Skills School Coordinator