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Energy Body Unique Connection

March 10, 2018 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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This class has been cancelled due to the minimum number of participants not being met.

This one day workshop will explore the energetic field that encases your body. This energy, called bio-energy or chi, is responsible for life as it fulfills your need for subtle energy. The vortexes existing in this energetic field are called chakras. The chakras act as points of connection between your physical and non-physical bodies, enabling energies to flow from one of these vehicles of manifestation to the other. They are the means by which we absorb energy from and give energy to the environment, and exchange energy with others; therefore, they form the core system through which we sustain our energy levels, vitality and health. Considering that our chakras are the energetic ‘devices’ through which we exchange and maintain our bioenergetic level and that the energies of our chakras can vary in quality, to have awareness of what is going on in your chakras is vital to your wellbeing. The last part of the class will focus on aligning your energies with positive intentions during an ancient ceremony known as “Despacho”.