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Land Management Weekend Workshop at Eagle Bluff

September 7 @ 9:00 am - September 8 @ 4:30 pm
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  • Location:
    Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center

Land Management Weekend Workshop

Land owners, looking for the resources to better manage your land? Whether you have woodlands or prairies, learn new skills and improve upon your current management techniques and become better stewards of the land. Attend the Eagle Bluff Land Management Weekend Workshop and learn how to identify trees, properly maintain and use a chainsaw, cultivate mushrooms, remove invasive species, plant for pollinators, convert land into prairie, or manage prairies through prescribed burning.

Land Management Weekend Schedule

Saturday – September 7

Planting Native Plants for Pollinators

Saturday September 7, 2019     10am-12pm

This class will focus on the plants pollinators enjoy the most including the propagation techniques and each plant’s habitat requirements. Pollinator species likely to use the native plants will be mentioned and we will view a slideshow of bees and butterflies sipping nectar and collecting pollen from native plants.

You will take away the knowledge to propagate many native plants and incorporate them into the landscape and better understand the importance of native plants to pollinators. Your knowledge of native plants will be expanded as well as the ability to know what pollinators you are finding in the backyard and other natural areas.

Instructor: Scott Leddy has been restoring and reconstructing prairie and savanna in the Driftless Region for more than twenty five years. His passion has been studying the plants on remnant prairie and savanna which has led him to the understanding that virtually all of our native species are dependent on host plants and native trees. Our natural landscape is nearly gone. Scott has tried to preserve and bring attention to our highest quality remnants of native landscape.

Tree Identification

Saturday September 7, 2019     9am-12pm

Learn to identify the many species of trees that exist in SE MN. The class will have both an indoor portion and an outdoor portion so dress accordingly. The walk will cover moderate terrain

Instructor: Valiree Green graduated with degree in forest management from U of Mo-Columbia in 1986. She began work for DNR Forestry in March of 1988 in Grand Rapids, MN and came to Houston County as private lands forester in November of 1990. As a career forester of over 30 years, Valerie has an abundance of knowledge to share.

Forestry Cost Share Programs

Saturday September 7, 2019        12:10-12:40pm

In addition to technical assistance, limited financial assistance may be available for certain projects to be implemented. This short overview will highlight CRP, EQIP and DNR Forestry programs.

Instructor: Valiree Green

How to Plant a Prairie

Saturday September 7, 2019        1:30-4pm

From your back yard to forty acres, learn how to restore the land. The class will discuss the benefits of planting a prairie for wildlife and the land. We will go over site assessment and what makes a good site to enhance with native plants. Which native plants and grasses are best to use in restorations will be covered. Site preparation and exotic species control methods, planting seeds by hand or with a seed drill, and seeding rates for various plant species will be discussed. You will learn how the use of prescribed burns suppresses weeds and gives a young planting an edge. And lastly, you will leave with a plan for long term maintenance of your planting.

Note: If you have a prairie planting plan, please bring it in and we can go over them.

Instructor: Scott Leddy

Invasive Species Control (Forestry)

Saturday September 7, 2019        1:30-4:30pm

Learn to identify the most prominent invasive plant species that exist in SE MN and well as common treatment methods.

Instructor: Valiree Green

Sunday – September 8

Chainsaw Techniques

Sunday September 8, 2019      9am-4:30pm

In this class we’ll cover basic chainsaw operation and maintenance, safety practices, and techniques for bucking and felling trees. The class includes a half day lecture/discussion session then an outdoor field portion. Zach works with your individual skill level so whether you are a once-a-year sawyer or property owner engaged in firewood cutting and woodlot management, this class is for you.
Note: Chainsaws will not be provided. You are required to bring your personal protective equipment for chainsaw use in field portion of class.

Instructor:  Zach Dieterman grew up near Lake City exploring the woods, bluff lands, and rivers of Southeast Minnesota.  As a teenager and young adult, his interest in forestry and wood products grew, and he often helped family and friends cut firewood and invasive tree species.  During and after his college years Zach spent time working in his uncle’s sawmill and woodshop, and helping with small scale sustainable timber harvests in the Houston-Rushford area, while receiving guidance and training from various local forestry professionals.  For the last 6 years, Zach has worked and received training in Oregon and multiple Midwestern states with foresters and chainsaw operators from the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, MNDNR, the Nature Conservancy, Conservation Corps MN and others.  Currently, Zach works as a Laborer for the MN DNR out of the Whitewater WMA.

Invasive Species Management (Prairie)

Sunday September 8, 2019      9am-12pm

You will learn different management applications for invasive species control on your property. We will talk about invasive species identification, different control techniques, including both herbicide-based and non-herbicide based techniques, when to use different techniques such as forestry mowing or prescribed grazing, and how/when to hire a contractor vs do it yourself. The take away for this session is a better knowledge base on invasive species, and increased confidence on how to approach invasive species management on your land.

Note: If you have invasive species you want identified, please take a picture of the whole plant, a close up of a leaf and how it attaches to the plant stem, a picture of any flowers or seedheads, if present and bring the picture(s) to class.

Instructor: Jaime Edwards has worked with the MN DNR for 19 years. She spent 18 working as the Nongame Specialist working with public and private landowners on habitat management for rare and/or declining species. A large part of that work involved habitat management, restoring bluff prairie and oak savanna, which involves a significant amount of invasive species management. Additionally, Jaime led an Early Detection, Rapid Response invasive species effort across SE MN, targeted at new to the region invasives and trying to eradicate them before they get a stronghold on the landscape. Jaime recently changed jobs and is now the Manager of the Whitewater Wildlife Management Area, where her work will entail habitat management including invasive species management.

Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation

Sunday September 8, 2019      9am-12pm

Are you interested in growing one of the most popular mushrooms consumed world-wide? This class helps you get started and sends you home with knowledge, handouts, and an inoculated shiitake log. You will learn how to select shiitake logs, choose spawn, use equipment, and more! Class begins with a presentation and then relocates to inoculate logs. Growing and marketing considerations will be discussed.

Instructor: Joe Deden is the former Executive Director of Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center in Lanesboro Minnesota. As a child he spent time in the woods with his maternal grandfather who shared his love for especially wildflowers.  He even attempted to teach him their Latin names.  He was Hay Creek township’s version of Thoreau. The love for nature stuck and giving that opportunity to other children has been Joe’s life mission. He believes we have to share our passion for nature with others, make it infectious and something everyone wants and does. In his free time he enjoys sustainable living, gardening, biking, wild edibles, ecotourism, Ethnobotony and food preservation.

Prairie Cost Share Programs

Sunday September 8, 2019          12:10-12:40pm

In addition to technical assistance, limited financial assistance may be available for certain projects to be implemented. This short overview will highlight possible cost-share options for landowners.

Instructor: Jaime Edwards

Prescribed Prairie Burn

Sunday September 8, 2019          1:30-4:30pm

Have you ever watched a controlled prairie burn and wondered why and how they do it?  This is your chance to learn about and participate in an actual prairie burn.  We will evaluate the potential burn site and determine how best it can be burnt.  You will learn to use: two different types of drip torches, backpack sprayers, fire rakes and swatters.  Participants will need to wear a long sleeve shirt and pants, hiking boots, gloves and have a hat and bandana along.

Note:  At least six participants are necessary to makes this all work safely. Class is weather dependent.

Instructor: Joe Deden

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