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Photography for Life: Thirds

December 1, 2018 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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    Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center

This class has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances with the instructor.

“Photography for Life” is a series of nature photography courses that uses the rules of composition to discuss how to compose both our images and our lives in a more intentional way. Nature photography gives us a tool for being more aware of the beauty around us, which opens us up to new understandings of ourselves and our connection to the world. In this workshop, we will explore and express complex ideas, expand curiosity, experiment with creativity, and embark on new adventures with nature photography as our guide. From classroom instruction and group discussion, to hands-on experience, we will focus our minds, practice self-care, and express ideas in a creative, adventurous, and intentional way. No matter your photographic experience, skill level, or style of camera, there will be something to be gained, as this is not a technological workshop, but a deeper exploration of how we experience life. This session will focus on the rule of thirds, which will create greater organization of your images and your wellness routines.